Death Drive

Death Drive through Gaia Paris

Death Drive
through Gaia Paris

4.5″ x’ 7″

U of C Press


ISBN: 978-155238-226-4

Charles reins in tight haiku letting loose logopoeic (Ezra Pound’s term) poetry: “splendid rigour” poems and witty riddles, solved by “lifetime” insights. His dialectical poetry holes up in the local, in the unhappy interferences, recognizing a curled-up-but-everywhere world of media and markets, à la Fredric Jameson. His haikus, “shock of the naïve,” turn to a middle ground in Aristotle’s sense of difficult target, a meta-linguistic wrestling, a death drive (not death wish), arcing freely over a human life span — think architecture — and in the “pleated/ crossword,” “make[s]/ good// a/ bit/ of/ bad/ infinity” (p. 57), no expenses, save for that toehold, earth, as Charles would have it. Travel here and react to a landscape of philosophy.